There is a growing body of research to support the benefits of Massage Therapy.

  • Stress Relief - This may be the simplest, and one of the most important and beneficial treatments that massage therapy has to offer. Studies involving massage and stress release show decreased levels of cortisol- a hormone linked to stress, and increased level of serotonin and dopamine- hormones increasing feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. The benefits of stress relief touch every aspect of our health and are too numerous to mention here.
  • Whiplash - Massage Therapy can decrease muscle spasm and pain, restore range of motion, speed up the healing process, reduce headaches, and improve function.
  • Sports - Massage Therapy may decrease pain by reducing muscle soreness, enhance circulation, promote relaxation, promote greater flexibility and range of motion, speed healing, prevent injury, and enhance performance.
  • Fibromyalgia - People with Fibromyalgia find Massage Therapy relieves depression and anxiety, decrease muscle pain and stiffness, promotes relaxation, leads to better sleep, and improves muscle strength.
  • Low back pain - New trials have shown that massage gives some relief of back pain that continues for many weeks or months. Some people receive benefits for up to a year after treatment. Especially combined with exercises (usually stretching). Massage Therapy may also decrease muscle spasm, improve function, and increase range of motion.
  • Pregnancy - Improves sleep, decreases back and pelvic pain, reduces headaches, manages symptoms of edema and sciatica, increases mood and mom’s feeling of wellbeing, decreases anxiety, and depression.
  • Osteoarthritis - Massage Therapy may help with pain reduction, improved function, mobility, reduced disability, improved sleep, improved flexibility, especially when followed up with stretching and exercise.
These are just a few benefits of massage therapy!

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