Massage At My Location 
Victoria BC
minutes            price
30                    $60
45                    $90  
60                    $105  
90                    $157  

Mobile Massage              
minutes            price
60                      $135 locals
60                      $150 for treatments at hotels,cabins,bnb
$50 travel fee if more then 45 min total travel time

Prices include GST. 60 minute minimum on Massage Therapy 

Fees may vary for people who need continual treatments d/t disability when insurance will not cover listed fees.

Prices are subject to the discretion of Well-Being Massage.
Please contact us for more information at 250-361-5315.

Massage Therapy is covered on most extended health care plans. Please call your insurance carrier to obtain information on your coverage. Veterans may receive up to 15 treatments a year for Massage Therapy treatments depending on their coverage. MSP available for Massage Therapy.

Payment methods include etransfers checks and cash.